Watch what happens when 80 kids are given guitars at The Guitar Store!

Jared Dines is an absolute hero! Sunday the 15th of December he gave away 80 $750 shopping sprees to the kids at the store. We arranged some special deals from Yamaha, Jackson, PRS, Gretsch and Orange to help make the money go even farther and paid the 10.1 ptc local sales tax. Kids got to come in to the shop in groups of 20 and pick out whatever they wanted. A very nice guitar or bass. Maybe an amp, pedals, all the accessories they desired. Whatever. It was the most enjoyable day I could have imagined. I want to give out a big thank you to Dines, Zesty and the rest of his staff, our manufacturing partners, Bear, Seri and Frank who volunteered their day and the great staff we have here at the shop. oh and all the people who donated on the jarred Dines page to make it happen. over 2500 donations came in. Good things can happen from small contributions.

Please take some time to watch the video. Let the joy warm your heart. Take that joy into the world with you today.

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