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Hip Kitty Chameleon Distortion Boost Pedal - NOS

Hip Kitty Chameleon Distortion Boost Pedal - NOS

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We recently purchased a 2013 time-capsule lot from a former dealer! This is a brand new pedal, but it was made around 10 years ago. Includes box, paperwork and power supply (if normally included)

The Chameleon was designed to be a linear boost pedal with some flexibilities not found in other boost pedals on the street. With a Distortion control that goes from distortion through an overdrive effect to a full linear boost effect, it's just not like your Father's boost pedal. Add the Harmonics control, you can dial in either predominant 2nd order harmonics for tonal smoothness or 3rd order harmonics for clarity and focus. Better yet, each control, including the Volume control, has an affect on each other making it truly unique for you and your sound.

Place the Chameleon into your buffered effects loop of your amp, and it's features take on additional qualities not seen in other linear boost pedals.

  • Unique Linear Boost
  • Harmonic Control Selects Predominate 2nd Order or 3rd Order Harmonics
  • Distortion Control Sets Gain Levels From Boost to Distortion
  • True By-Pass Switching
  • Standard 9 Volt Operation
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