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Mr. Black

Mr. Black Black LTD. Overdriver Mk. II Pedal

Mr. Black Black LTD. Overdriver Mk. II Pedal

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Built on the foundation of the legendary Black LTD. Overdriver, the Black LTD. Overdriver Mk. II doles out heaps of unbelievably-dynamic natural and neutral organic overdrive which can be used on its own as a fresh, new overdrive channel, stacked with other pedals to push them harder and for the show-stopping roar: slammed into an overdriven amplifier the push it over the top.

Just like the original Overdriver circuit, the Mk. II includes an internal voltage inverter (creating bipolar power rails), which not only greatly enhances the dynamic range and expression of the overdrive but also works to reduce unwanted harmonic distortion and noise. What's more: because of this unique power circuit, the Mk. II cleans up VERY well by either reducing input signal with the guitar's volume knob, or by simply picking lightly. At full bore, the Mk. II kicks out heavy saturation and sustain (with plenty of output volume available) while retaining smooth and natural decay with minimal tonal coloration, and still naturally cleans up via your guitar volume and/or pick-attack. It feels like an instrument unto itself and seamlessly blends into a signal chain an extension of the guitar and amplifier rather than an outboard effect.

Compared with the original Black LTD. Overdriver, the Overdriver Mk. II has a punchier lower-mid focus while still retaining its strong bottom, sweet high frequency content and signature dynamic expression and power.

Exceptional on guitar, baritone and bass guitar.

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