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Mr. Black

Mr. Black Mini Tremolo Pedal

Mr. Black Mini Tremolo Pedal

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Rise and shine with the pulsing throb of vintage bias-modulating tremolo! Blend in as much harmonic-vibrato as desired to coax the delicate textures only found in a handful of the most rare and sought after amplifiers from a time that will never be forgotten.

The Mini Tremolo's three simple, powerful, and intuitive controls let you quickly sculpt your signature tremolo tone, while its ultra-compact footprint and daisy-chain friendly "industry standard" 9VDC power input allow you to sneak the Mini Tremolo into even the tightest of pedal-boards, without requiring a specialized power-supply!

Always handmade, and built to last by real live human beans, right here in Portland, Oregon using exclusively premium parts which deliver superior tone and years of dependable service.

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