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NUX NPK-20 Digital Piano - Black

NUX NPK-20 Digital Piano - Black

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The NUX NPK-20 is our latest powerful portable digital piano. Building off the sound and feel of our bestselling NPK-10, the NPK-20 further optimizes the acclaimed NUX WKJ-03 keyboard and makes it feel even more natural.

Fully loaded with 271 high-quality sounds in 7 groups, the NPK-20 is also equipped with an automatic accompaniment function for dynamic performances, professional effects based on advanced audio processing technology, and even a dynamic mic input for a perfect performance solution.

The NPK-20 uses our WKJ-03 Triple-Sensor Graded Hammer-Action Weighted Keyboard (with escapement and synthetic ivory and ebony keytops), and has further optimized its key touch curves and sound design. More professional processing has been made for its key touch in terms of downforce, rebound recognition, legato recognition, etc. The sense of escapement and the balance of the black and white keys are also more even. Moreover, the NPK-20 has added a key noise reduction design. Ultimately, it meets all kinds of playing and performance needs, and restores the real touch of a grand acoustic piano.

Providing an accurate and truly grand piano sound can be a tall order. We achieved this for the NPK-20 by sampling a delicate and expressive German nine-foot grand piano. We didn’t stop at just one sound, as the NPK-20 includes a total of 271 high-quality sounds, divided into 7 groups on the top panel. All the sounds have been carefully processed and optimized resulting in a sound selection that is both powerful and rich. The sounds can be chosen or layered intuitively on the panel, such as the sound of piano layered with the ambient sound of orchestra.


  • 88-key NUX WKJ-03 Keyboard (*upgraded)
  • Triple-sensor scaled hammer-action weighted keyboard (with escapement and synthetic ebony/ivory keytops)
  • Touch Sensitivity: 5 levels

Sounds and Effects

  • Sounds: 271 high-quality sounds (7 groups)
  • Tone Brilliance: 5 levels
  • Layered Sounds: Yes (mix balance adjustable)
  • Split Keyboard: Yes (split point adjustable; individual octave shift and tone selection)
  • Max. Polyphony: 108
  • Compressor: 4 types (soft, R&B, lyric piano, standard piano), 5 parameters (ratio, attack, release, threshold, boost)
  • Reverb: 4 types (hall, plate, room, studio), 5 parameters (pre-delay, size, reverb time, diffusion, output level)
  • Chorus: 4 parameters (HPF, LPF, depth, level)
  • Delay: 4 parameters (time del, feedback, H damp, level)
  • Equalizer: 9-band

Accompaniment and Microphone

  • Microphone: dynamic microphone input (XLR & 6.35mm combo jack), gain control, volume, reverb
  • Auto-Accompaniment: 100 styles (auto chord, single/multi fingering, sync start, A/B variations, intro/ending)


  • Transpose: -6 to +5 in semitones
  • Octave Shift: -1 to +1 octaves
  • Demo Songs: 100
  • Metronome: 9 beats, 3 sounds, 20-280bpm
  • Recording: 5 songs
  • User Presets: 7 memory banks
  • Auto-Sleep: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth MIDI, Bluetooth Audio

Connectivity and Speakers

  • USB MIDI, AUX IN, LINE OUT (L/MONO, R), 3.5mm Stereo Phones Output x 2, Damper Pedal (included), Pedal Unit (optional), Microphone Input
  • Amplifiers and Speakers: 10W x 2, 3"x6" oval speaker x 2
  • Display: TFT LCD 800x480dpi

Power Supply

  • DC 12V/2A

Size and Weight

  • Dimensions: 1300mm x 270mm x 130mm
  • Weight: 12.2kg (music stand included)
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