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Used Keeley Dyno My Roto Chorus/Flanger Pedal

Used Keeley Dyno My Roto Chorus/Flanger Pedal

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We have a special offer of a limited quantity of B-Stock pedals. These are cosmetic blemishes and in no way hinder the great product Keeley puts out. Robert just has very high standards. Great news for you is that you get to save some green and still get the manufacturer's as well as the Guitar Store warranty. Act fast and get it while you can. Blems may vary - we are not taking pictures of individual pedals, but pictured here is one example of one - they blems are generally quite minor.

Finally you can get those 80’s vintage rack chorus sounds that define killer chorus sounds. This was not an easy development. It is a tough and difficult thing to accomplish in such a small package. But Keeley couldn’t leave good enough alone. Keeley came up with a new Rotary Cabinet package that give you a Proximity Control.The proximity Control controls how far away you are from the spinning speaker cabinet. This adds a depth and distance to the cabinet and is a touch like a reverb control. It gives you that spatial expanse that can give you presence or depth in the chorus-like rotations. Lastly, while Keeley was spinning things, they crafted a RotoFlange sound that has a simple negative feedback control. Easy to use and gets you the most classic flanger sounds possible.

  • Super Lush Tri Chorus
  • Rotary Les’ Cab
  • Roto Flanger
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